Viral Marketing for ecommerce Website Promotion in India

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Published: 08th August 2012
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Deemed as a very successful seo strategy for the development and Marketing of optimized articles and tutorials, viral marketing is a safe haven to rely upon when it comes to promotion of your business website , whether it is online marketing or offline promotion. The concept of viral marketing is very much in line with the term mainstream networking. An epitome of a pro-active promotion, viral marketing involves use of a gamut of techniques aiming to spread across the name through a ‘viral process’. The term virus alludes with the fast pace at which the promotional message is intended to touch the web-wide audience within a short span of time.

The success rates of the viral marketing efforts rely entirely on the expertise spearheading the social graph to spread across the message. An ideal and successful viral marketing is one that has both good content and some decent social networking skills. Have a look at the below highlighted ways that encircles the process of Viral Marketing.

1. Catchy message: The subject line of the message should be eye catchy. For instance, anything related to a gift or discount, etc may sound catchy and enticing. Besides, the message should be simple and crisp.

2. Substance: Looking at the complete process of viral marketing, a personalized message is certainly not enough. The intrinsic message has to be attractive enough so that the readers are pushed to read it. Besides, the message should contain as much information as possible.

3. Takeaway: Introducing a takeaway in the viral message for your customer serves of a great benefit. It should bear persuasive words so that the reader is pushed to forward it and share it with others as well.

4. Personalization: The promotional message should be personalized. One can use e-mail personalization software for the same. Personalized messages boost the chances of the message getting into the notice of the users.

5. Social Networking: Social Media serves as an active ingredient of viral marketing. Social media makes the same highly effective. Since social networking sites bear a large audience that too of all age groups, making use of it makes the marketing easier and pro-active. For a few instances, social media has solely been used for viral marketing campaign.

6. Use of images or videos: One cannot deny the power of images or videos in any sort of marketing campaign. As an image or a video would speaks better and bring the nub of the message forward in an effective way.

7. Linking to already recognized players: Since, successful bloggers out there already have power over large audiences, hence linking your campaign with any popular blogger can fetch robust results.

8. Competitions and contests: Resorting to online competition serves of a great help. One can devise myriad types of competition schemes like “best video posting”, etc that would help in pushing the number of hits.

9. Indirect Incentives: One can resort to indirect incentive schemes to spread across the promotional message. For instance, incentives to be given to the recipient who forwards the message to others. Besides, getting a questionnaire filled or informing their friends of an event can be incentivized with a gift.

Viral marketing shows results faster than your viral fever spreads! Go on, reap the benefits!!

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